welcome to our online portfolio

ADYTUM is a classic Greek Word

Means a sacred place that the public was forbidden to enter or an inner shrine or the most sacred or reserved part of any place of worship.

welcome to our online portfolio

ADYTUM brings the smell

with sacred bond of togetherness and allows everyone the bright pleasure which will touch the sky

    About us

    We Are

    In Adytum family we will introduce bunch of developments for rise & growth with full of enthusiasm and bold of passion and will be the best in dealing independent something special in the form of innovative indigenous versatile method where nobody can think about it. Everyday new dream, new hope, new ray, new research, new innovative ideas and concepts will be adopted in ADYTUM brand and its products which will never be ignored by the Indian market. We will create significant change products wise, Price wise, quality wise and Customer wise to serve all the needs with strong determination to reach the highest level of progress to reach it’s goal.

    When others thought will closed - there the journey of ADYTUM will start. Basically we are into the foray of import and export sector which will boost our success of charismatic humor in international conglomerate to recognize our brand.

    Proposed Organisation Profile


    Buying & Selling

    To carry on the business of Buying, Selling, reselling, exporting and trading of all kinds of goods finished, semi finished, raw material items, articles, merchandise...

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    Deal in Commodities

    To deal in any commodities, substances, articles, merchandise, goods, food grains, crops, software, electronic accessories, TMT Steel bar and Steel products, pesticides...

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    Assist Any Company

    To assist any company, firm, association, society in transfer of any technology whether from India or outside and to render services pertaining to foreign...

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    Consultancy & Advisory

    To render consultancy, advisory and liaisioning services in respect of matters related to objects mentioned in sub clauses (1) and (2) above to any company...

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    Carry On Any Business

    To carry on all or any of the business of importers, exporters, refrigerators, ship owners, shipbuilders, shipbuilders, caterers of ship or other vessels...

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    India or Elsewhere

    To carry on in India or elsewhere the business of buying, selling, reselling, importing, exporting, transporting storing, developing, promoting, marketing or supplying...

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    Business As Exhibitors

    To carry on the business as exhibitors of various goods, services and merchandise and to undertake the necessary activities to promote sales of goods, services...

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    Export & Import

    To export, import, buy, sell, act as agent, trade or otherwise deal in all kinds of merchandise, edible oils, de-oiled and oiled cakes, soya bean...

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